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6B/321 strap evolved from the AF0210 strap

6B/321 strap evolved from the AF0210 strap

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Now we can now offer a recreation of the 6B/321 strap.   This 16mm wide strap evolved from the two layer, sewn, AF0210 strap with the same shouldered brass buckle, but utilising a single thickness fabric strap, with doped cut end.   Later the brass hardware was replaced by stainless steel hardware, again with the shouldered buckle.     We offer, either brass or stainless steel hardware.


Will there be other widths?

We will not be producing a 20mm or 22mm wide version of this strap. 


This product is only available from Australia, so please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery.   

VAT and Customs Charges?

VAT and Customs Charges for any country have not been charged, and any such charges and handling fees will be the responsibility of the purchaser.

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